Bola Disc Flush

  • A study in refined simplicity, Bola Disc Flush offers a magical combination of mirror and globe refined down to its bare essentials. The objective with the Bola Disc Flush is to provide both direct and reflected light from either ceiling or wall mounted vantage points. Bola Disc Flush brings elegance and refinement with four sizes and five finishes in white, brass, rose gold, gunmetal or chrome. An ideal fixture for adding diffused and reflected light in hallway corridors, nooks, dining settings, bedrooms, or living areas. Stunning groupings can also be created by mixing different sizes together to form unique custom light displays.
    Rose Gold
    Gloss White/Chrome

    All Bola DIsc Flush lamps ship with Chrome canopies
    Aluminum or SS Disc
    Opal Glass Globe
    Steel Canopy
    Fully Dimmable
    Shade Options: 12”(30cm), 18”(46cm), 22”(56cm), 32”(81cm) Discs.
    1" Add-on Standoff allows for overlapping disc groupings.

    Voltage: 120-277V, 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption: 6W (12”/18”), 12W (22”), 20W (32”)
    Color Temperature: 2700K-1800K (Dim-to-Warm)
    Luminosity: 390 Lumens (12”/18"), 1100 Lumens (22”),
    1710 Lumens (32”)
    Luminaire Efficacy: 65 Lumens/Watt (average)
    Color Rendition Index: 95 CRI
    50K hour lifespan
    Cord Length: 8.9’ (2.7m) (Field cuttable)

     ETL, CE


    • Bola Disc Flush

  • Pablo Studio
    The Pablo Studio is a small group of makers and inventors with a diverse background in industrial design and craft, and a deep understanding of manufacturing, materials and technology.

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